Igniting the spark on innovation in Africa: IPA 2017 is now OPEN!

IF you think you have an exciting idea that can help shape Africa and you want to take it to scale, the African Innovation Foundation’s (AIF) premiere pan-African award, the Innovation Prize for Africa (IPA) could just be your answer!

We invite you to enter your innovation for the sixth edition of our competition themed African innovation: Investing in prosperity.

The call for entries runs for three months starting Tuesday 27 September 2016 with a submission deadline of Tuesday 3 January 2017 at 11:59pm GMT.

We’re starting off with the premise that anyone in Africa can have a good idea that not only solves challenges but can generate socio-economic prosperity. Through the IPA, we play a role in helping to solve pressing African problems by providing a platform for innovators with ground-breaking ideas, offering access to resources and support. Says IPA Director, Pauline Mujawamariya Koelbl: “The aim is to fuel these innovations, boost them and make them matter for Africa’s progress. We believe that accelerating innovation in Africa can help to unlock new opportunities for both consumers and businesses”.


A spring board for scaling up ideas!

IPA 2017 will provide a springboard for scaling up ideas and sharing them across the continent and beyond. In addition to the lucrative US$150 000 cash prize shared among three winners, all nominees receive a US$5 000 voucher. They are also featured at the IPA 2017 event, along with attractive entrepreneurial opportunities such as funding, communications training, and active participation in the IPA network of innovators and innovation enablers.

It is an exciting time for the continent. Innovation is transforming the way Africa works and is revolutionising the continent. Only this combination of great minds and passion can propel the continent in the 21st Century.

Within Africa, innovation is accelerating and the continent is finding better ways of solving local problems, fuelling Africa’s economic growth and creating vibrant new business opportunities. A culture of innovation is key to addressing critical challenges beyond meeting human needs (such as food and health) but improving international competitiveness through trade in manufactured goods or products, protecting the environment, or shaping Africa into its own bread-basket.

And we want you to be part of this exciting journey by taking part in IPA 2017.


Spurring socio-economic growth in Africa!

Through IPA, we are facilitating for Africans to come up with bold ideas that can be transformed into products and services. During the five years in running this award, we have proved that African innovators are capable of developing solutions that tackle issues around health, agriculture, mobile money, logistics, ICTs, education and more. However, they need investments and an enabling environment to scale these solutions.

In launching this sixth edition of IPA, we pride ourselves in identifying some of the best innovations emerging in Africa and providing channels for them to further develop. As evidenced by some of the winning innovations in past IPA editions, we are certainly at the forefront promoting innovations that have the potential to spur economic growth and social change in Africa with profound implications on the livelihoods of the citizenry of the continent.

We firmly believe that Africa can sustain economic growth and promote prosperity with significant investments in innovation. But it begins with you. Last year’s winners were selected from nearly 1 000 entries across 46 countries in Africa.

Ultimately, the real prize is the connection to people with the resources to help you implement, fund, and scale your solution.

We invite you and your community to be part of this exciting journey by submitting your grand idea to IPA 2017. For more details, please check out our brand new IPA website www.innovationprizeforafrica.org and apply for IPA 2017 now: https://ipa.africaninnovation.org

We also invite innovation enablers to join our network and help us spread the word. For further details on partnership opportunities, email us at ipainfo@africaninnovation.org .

  • Masimba Biriwasha, AIF social media team