#GES2015 buzzing with entrepreneurial spirit, and a great opportunity to boost innovation in Africa!

This week, the Government of Kenya and key stakeholders will host a large group of influential global leaders and entrepreneurs, including US President Barack Obama at the 6th Global Entrepreneurship Summit (#GES2015). The summit kicks off on 25 July and has emerged as a global platform that connects entrepreneurs with leaders from business, international organizations, and governments looking to support them.

This will be the second time that the #GES will be taking place in Africa, and the first time in sub-Saharan Africa. The Kingdom of Morocco hosted the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in 2014 and at this platform, the African Innovation Foundation (AIF) announced Morocco as host country of the 4th edition of the Innovation Prize for Africa (IPA).

#GES2015 spotlights the importance of entrepreneurship and its influence on global development. Kenya has been a leading light on entrepreneurship in Africa, as well as a key leader in the innovation landscape, with many success stories at both micro and macro level.

AIF supports initiatives such as the 6th Global Entrepreneurship Summit on the continent of Africa. In fact, we applaud the leaders in Kenya for taking steps to convene all sectors under one common platform of entrepreneurship – the private sector, public sector and the social sector. Such a move inspires and embraces the spirit of entrepreneurship as a key ingredient in driving Kenya’s, and indeed, Africa’s economic growth story.CKaazhqWIAAU8nM

The 6th Global Entrepreneurship Summit with be held in Kenya

#GES2015 is undoubtedly poised to showcase the vibrancy of innovation across Africa. One clear way to drive change across the continent is to invest in innovators and work with innovation enablers who have a direct connection with the communities they serve.

Since 2009, AIF has been working to catalyse the spirit of innovation in Africa. We firmly believe that Africa needs to pursue innovative, transformative and sustainable entrepreneurship and innovation. We know that entrepreneurship and innovation can have a positive impact on reducing unemployment and growing economies across Africa.

AIF looks forward to governments, organizations and the business sector pledging and providing support to innovators. By building, nurturing and catalysing a community of innovators in Africa, we can boost growth and improve the living standards of the millions of people on the African continent and beyond.

Look out for the AIF’s landmark program, the prestigious Innovation Prize for Africa 2016 Call for Applications and its Made in Africa launch, coming soon. Join our social media conversations and discussions, and learn about new opportunities for African innovators, especially targeting young innovators and women!

  • Aulora Stally, Communications Manager, AIF

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