No hard and fast rules when applying for #IPA2015

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With just under one month to go before applications for the #IPA2015 close, on 30 November 2014, the African Innovation Foundation is calling for as many entries as possible from Africans throughout the continent and from the diaspora.

It’s easy to apply, and there are no hard and fast rules!

Get working on your project entry now. You never know – that really smart or cool invention could be just exactly what our judges are looking for! So apply now and you could be in the run-up to win a share of the grand US$150 000 prize.

The big prize money of US$ 100 000 will be awarded to the winning project that demonstrates best overall innovation in line with the five criterion. But remember, there are also two additional cash prizes of US$25 000, one for a project that demonstrates best business potential and another for a project that can achieve the highest social impact through fostering African-led solutions to development.

In addition to the cash attractions, potential @IPAPrize winners will benefit from increasing media exposure, and the chance to further boost their innovations, have an opportunity to be a part of ourAIF brand, and receive exposure to networking opportunities and creating new partnerships on the innovation platform. There are also some great post-prize incentives too, so don’t get left out … submit your application now and spotlight your innovation!

Please note that the IPA competition is open to all Africans across the continent and those living in the diaspora. Applicants do not have to be a scientist or a doctor to qualify for this award, and neither are academic qualifications required.

Our Secretariat is anxious to receive your application, no matter how big or small! Just ensure that your entry fits into one of the five focus areas and meets the set criteria, then you are well on your way to becoming a potential winner!

Simply follow the instructions and send in your application in now. Entries are welcome in English, French or Portuguese. Together, let’s drive the innovation frontier in Africa!

Need to know more, Need to know what focus area to choose? Please visit our website and if you have further questions, contact the IPA team:

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By Aulora Suerga Stally, Communication manager for the African Innovation Foundation