2013 Winners

AgriProtein Team – 2013 Winner

The team of researchers and entrepreneurs received USD 100 000 for their innovative approach to nutrient recycling – a method that uses waste and fly larvae to produce natural animal feed. Selected from more than 900 applications from 45 countries, the AgriProtein team was recognized at the 2013 Innovation Prize for Africa Awards Ceremony and Gala Dinner in Cape Town, South Africa.

The AgriProtein solution collects biodegradable waste, feeds it to flies that in turn produce larvae that are ground into protein to provide a more ecologically friendly, naturally occurring type of animal feed. This approach improves the nutritional value of meat and lowers the cost of animal feed for African processors and farmers.

Hassin Labaied and Anis Aouini – Zero Blade Wind Converter

Hassine Labaied and Anis Aouini from Saphon Energy received USD 25 000 for creating a bladeless wind convertor. The Zero-Blade Wind Convertor is largely inspired by a modern sailboat – it has no blades and does not rotate.  Instead, the wind is harnessed by a sail-shaped body which follows a back-and-forth 3D knot motion. The wind energy is first converted to mechanical energy via pistons then transfers to hydraulic energy and then to electricity.

The converter’s use of a hydraulic system allows the conversion of the mechanical energy into hydraulic pressure which can either be directly converted to electricity or stored to provide power later when there is not wind. Ultimately, the Zero-Blade Wind Converter provides a unique and cost-effective new African energy solution.

Sanoussi Diakite – The Fonio Husker Machine

For the 200 million people in West Africa who are facing food insecurity and malnutrition, fonio cereal – grown in 16 African countries from Cape Verde to Chad – is one of the best solutions to improving health and nutrition. 
In the social impact category, Sanoussi Diakite received USD 25 000 for developing and diffusing a thermal powered machine that husks 5 kilograms of fonio – a West African cereal – in just 8 minutes. The Fonio Husker Machine allows producers and consumers to scale production of fonio, an important African grain.

The Fonio Husker Machine effectively husks and cleans the fornio grains as they pass through the shifting and flexible paddle which is set on a vertical axis and on top of a fixed plate. The separation of grain and husk is done simultaneously by an incorporated system of ventilation. This process requires just 1.5 kilowatts for power increasing yields by more than 65 percent. This innovation provides the opportunity to promote fonio as a nutritious and healthier food across West Africa.