2014 Winners

Altis Osteogenic Bone Matrix (Altis OBM™) - Dr. Nicolaas Duneas &  Nuno Pires (South Africa)

Dr Nicolaas Duneas and Nuno Pires, from South Africa, are the winners of the Innovation Prize for Africa (IPA) 2014 Grand Prize. They received USD 100’000.00 for their Osteogenic Bone Matrix (OBM) innovation. This is the first injectable porcine derived BMP (bone morphogenetic proteins) medical device in the world - an innovative product for the treatment of bone injuries that voids through the use of a regenerative biological implant.

The OBM injection leads to the rapid, safe and effective healing of problematic bone injuries, leading to the complete and natural restoration of the bone, including the bone marrow. OBM is the only bone graft substitute containing naturally extracted bone growth proteins that cooperate with high efficacy and sourced from mammals, making it cost effective to produce.
This innovation is expected to radically change the way orthopedic surgeons treat bones injuries.

Multipurpose broad bed and furrow maker (Aybar BBM) - Dr Melesse Temesgen (Ethiopia)

Dr Melesse Temesgen of Ethiopia is the winner of the Special Prize for innovation with the highest Social Impact. He walked away with USD 25 000 prize money for his innovation, the Aybar Broad Based Furrow Maker (BBM), promises to have the greatest social impact. It is estimated that the income of farmers will more than triple as a result of using this technology.

The Aybar BBM is a low-cost farming device used to easily drain excess water from waterlogged fields. It is the only known effective device capable of creating drainage furrows for excess water while building a broad bed for planting. Up to 5 million hectares of land in Ethiopia and a much larger area in Africa are not available for farming because they are water logged. Using the Aybar BBM re-avails this abandoned land hence improving food production. The Aybar BBM builds on 2,000 years old Ethiopian farming technology, is easy to use and very cost effective. Over 44,000 units have been sold in Ethiopia alone to date.

Foufou Mix - Logou Minsob (Togo)

Logou Minsob, from Togo, won the runner-up Prize and was awarded USD 25,000 for the FoufouMix machine, seen as the innovation with the best business potential. The Foufou Mix is a food processor designed to replace the mortar and pestles used to prepare foufou, a popular dish in West Africa.

Manufactured in Togo, the Foufou Mix allows you to easily prepare Foufou without the pounding that has traditionally been associated with the preparation. It allows for quick and hygienic preparation in 8 minutes maximum. It also allows pulping of palm nuts in 2 minutes. Pounding of yam for Foufou has traditionally been done by women and is a long and arduous process, therefore, the use of this device helps to free up the woman. Foufou being a typically African dish, this innovation provides a solution not currently being contemplated by international manufacturers. It also opens up possibilities for a creation of a whole new Africa industry for manufacturing of such an appliance on the continent.